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Stop Smoking Hypnosis in Albuquerque

If you...

  • Have a sincere desire to stop smoking,
  • Are willing to make a stop smoking commitment,
  • Are ready to follow simple protocols,

Then you can...
  • Overcome withdraw symptoms,
  • Create a blueprint for a smoke-free life,
  • Become a lifetime non-smoker.

What to expect:
  • Two 45 minute stop smoking sessions on consecutive days. One follow up 2-3 weeks later.
  • First session: Foundational restructuring of your beliefs about smoking and your relationship with tobacco.
  • Second session: Reinforcement of your liberation from smoking and any necessary strengthening required to make it easier than ever to be a lifetime non-smoker.
  • Relaxing sessions that enable you to naturally and effortlessly absorb positive suggestions to comfortably stop smoking.
  • You will be awake and aware, yet calm and introspective.
  • You may even surprise yourself with the power of your mind.
  • A 90% success rate after three sessions. Some people may require more.